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The Building Blocks to Academic Success

For some students, it's hard to form the study habits needed to do well in school. Better Study Habits is a program that engages kids by playing a role in their learning. Help your child to fully comprehend their reading material and incorporate structure into their note-taking skills by contacting us today.

Learning to Learn

Better Study Habits focuses on teaching kids how to learn.
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About Us

Getting higher grades, completing homework on time, and studying for tests can be a real challenge for kids. We all want our children to excel in school and master essential life skills. When they become better learners and work on building study skills, their personal and family stress levels are reduced. This creates an atmosphere of trust and confidence, which is of the utmost importance to productive learning.

Better Study Habits, based out of Deerfield Beach, Florida, and Princeton, New Jersey is a tutoring program created by Bob Fass. Mr. Fass is a licensed professional counselor with 32 years of experience in the public school system. He has held positions as a middle school counselor and a teacher for both middle and high school students. For more than fifteen years, Mr. Fass has worked with kids to improve their study habits and skills and has helped hundreds of children succeed in school.

Bob Fass holds a membership in one of the world's largest associations for professional counselors, the American Counselors Association.


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